Download Ebook Arround The World in 80 Minutes Comic

Download Ebook Arround The World in 80 Minutes Comic
Download Comic Ebook Arround The World in 80 Minutes By Jean Pierre Petit. This comic is so funny I think, but intellegent, telling about the adventure of a man with thousand ideas of science and expriment. He made everything to make his dream becoming real, all of his wish is go to the space and see the arround world. This comic is teaching you about science in a easiest way. Thanks for Jean Pieree Petit for creating this comic.

About Author:
Jean-Pierre Petit, President of the Association Former Director of Research at CNRS, astrophysicist, creator of a new genre:

Scientific Comic Strip. Created in 2005 with his friend Gilles d'Agostini association. Borders without knowing who has given aims to distribute knowledge for free, there including the scientific and technical knowledge worldwide. The association, which works through donations, pays translators up to 150 euros (in 2007) and himself to the costs of bank receipt.  There are many translators growing every day number of translated albums (2007: 200 free downloadable albums in 28 languages, including Lao and Rwanda).

This PDF comic ebook file can be freely duplicated and reproduced in whole or in part, used by many teachers in their courses, provided such operations do not lend themselves to profit activities. It can be put in public libraries, school and academics, either in print or in intranet networks.

The author has undertaken to complete this collection by simpler first albums (level 12 years). Also in development: "talking" albums for illiterate and "Bilingual" to learn languages ​​from its original language. The association is looking constantly for new translators into languages ​​that need to be their mother tongue, with the technical skills that enable them to produce good translations of addressed albums. To contact the association, see on the homepage of his website at


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